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My name is Richard Brennan and I live in the beautiful County of Shropshire in England with my Wife and our two young Sons.

I come from a military background, following in the footsteps of my Dad and joining the Armed Forces at the age of 18. I stayed there for 15 years, seeing quite a bit of the World.

When I returned to Civilian life, I ventured into the telecoms industry before the bubble burst in the early 2000’s. I took the opportunity to go offshore sailing in Australia, qualifying as a yacht skipper, and when I returned I ended up drifting between jobs, working long hours for lousy pay as a security guard, cleaning holiday chalets, labouring on building sites and washing up in restaurant kitchens.

A life of ‘Sundowners on the Quarterdeck’ of some millionaire’s yacht I’d be skippering was out of the question since I was now engaged to be married!

I disliked the corporate world intensely with it’s office politics, dog eat dog culture and it’s stifling political correctness and so I ended up re-enlisting for 18 months.

I decided that self-employment was the way forward for me but I didn’t have a clue where to start.

I discovered a thing called Network Marketing and worked it hard with some apparent success but I ended up crashing and burning with a mountain of debt, just like many people who become involved who aren’t sales orientated.

It was a huge emotional roller coaster ride, but I did learn some valuable lessons along the way and I remained steadfastly determined to succeed and make my own way in life rather than resign myself to being somebody else’s Wage Slave until my still distant retirement.

I realized I needed MENTORS, not whoop-whoop, happy-clappy, back-slappy ‘motivators’ and I set about looking for ways to build my business online and of studying the people who were doing it successfully.

After having fallen for a couple of scams and not being particularly inspired by some of the genuine programmes I’d joined, I eventually came across a programme called WEALTHY AFFILIATE. You can read my in depth review and find out how you can join FOR FREE at the end of this post.

My eyes were opened and I got excited. I could see that here was a REAL home based business opportunity with none of the hyped-up ‘get rich quick’ promises and no pressure to start hitting on family and friends.

I saw an innovative and relevant 21st Century training programme which was structured and broken up into simple to follow modules geared around teaching people with no prior experience or technical knowledge how to build and develop niche websites to enable them to monetize their own interests and passions on the internet.

The training is World class and the willingness of the more experienced in the Community to share tips, information and encouragement was a real eye opener.

I saw that I could immediately call on support from within a pro-active Community of like-minded people who had all started out from scratch, like myself.


I cannot describe how reassuring it was for me to know that by joining Wealthy Affiliate I was now genuinely IN BUSINESS FOR MYSELF BUT NOT BY MYSELF and the the only limits anyone has in this programme are the ones they set themselves.


The most important thing I learned during my military service was LEADERSHIP – a hugely different kettle of fish from management.

A Manager says ‘You go and do it’, a Leader says ‘Let’s go and do it’. A Leader sets the right EXAMPLE. A Leader commands RESPECT by treating his or her followers with respect and never gets anyone to do something he or she has not already done or would not be prepared to do. A Leader gives SUPPORT and shows the way.

Everybody has their own individual take on success, and I give you my absolute word that I will work with you to help you to achieve the level of success that YOU desire, whatever that may be, just like my fellow Leaders in this amazing Community have done and are still doing for me and thousands of others like you.

Please CLICK HERE to read my warts and all review of Wealthy Affiliate and find out how you can join the programme FOR FREE.

Please feel free to comment or ask me any questions you like, I am always happy to help.

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Your Friend and Mentor – Richard


  1. I’m so glad that you were able to overcome the struggle of corporate America! Self-employment seems to be the way to go if you ever want to have a life! Wealthy Affiliate s a wonderful site and I know others will learn a lot from its content. The wealth of content on this site is priceless and people will not regret it! Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Thanks for stopping by to comment, Liz.
      It’s Corporate Britain rather than America, and the two are probably as bad as each other!
      You’re right about the quality and quantity of the resources here. After banging my head against a brick wall online since 2011, I feel like I’ve ‘come home’.

  2. Hi Richard, you have an interesting background and it is refreshing honest. Too many people hype themselves up that it is hard to believe anyone these days. I like that you mentioned wealthy affiliate as your partner. “Being in business for yourself, not by yourself”. I am also a member. I went through a similar experience in feeling that I needed to be the captain of my own destiny and then falling through the gauntlet of get rich quick online marketing self proclaimed gurus. What a disaster, but in my research I came across wa. They have provided a great place to learn and grow. Without it, I would have much more stress in my life not knowing how to approach this space. Best of luck and thanks for sharing your story!!

    • Thanks, Anthony.
      Great to hear you are already with Wealthy Affiliate and that your experience with the programme is a positive one.
      Wishing you every success in your endeavours 🙂

  3. Hi Richard,

    I recently joined to WA and I’m now a premium member, and I can totally relate your experiences in WA, the support we get from the community and the valuable lessons we’ve learned. We have our own businesses but we are in this journey together.
    Wish you the best of luck!

    • Thanks, Helmi – I agree with you. There is nothing out there to compare to Wealthy Affiliate. The training resources are superb in their own right but the Community Members who are willing to mentor the less experienced make this far more than just the sum of its’ parts.

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